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AWESOME!Like3Jul 30, 2012permalinkgrahamdyke I am a long time user of Photoshop Elements 5-9 and occasionaly CS4-5.I work in computing, software engineering and previously PC support.My PC is a Core Two Quad (4 x 2.4Ghz), with 4GB Memory, 7K2 SATA drives and Vista (ok).After having used Lightroom 4.1 for about 6 weeks now, I have never used any previous version, I am generally happy with whats on offer, BUT there are several major problems:1. 20120413.175 Enhanced the send-log dialog to hopefully make reports more meaningful to me, yielding, I hope, the ability to respond more sensibly to more reports. items were surprisingly difficult to support. 20110411.141 Trying to fix crashes due to bad static presets. fixed. 20130120.190 Added support for Yahoo Japan maps (which are very good in Japan) Enhance the {EMPTY} template token so that it interrupts the squelching of superfluous joining characters. 20090216.45 I belatedly realized that most people who use my plugins probably don't follow my blog, so will be surprised to notice some day the note about registration. It's not a tab one needs for most workflows, but it can be convenient at times. If you've spent time playing with the public beta and are already comfortable using these features, you can jump ahead to a listing of the few (and mostly minor) changes that have gone into the shipping version of Lightroom 4. All rights reserved. 20150131.254 Fix to the datediff() function supported by the LUA template token. Pinpoint location in Google Earth Sends the location of the currently-selected image to Google Earth. Of course, going back to exposure and contrast brings LR closer to the old darkroom practice of fiddling with exposure and paper contrast, but we've finally learned to learn the other, LR1 & 3 way of working. 20090107.33 Can now handle Google-map urls that result from an address lookup. 20140301.217 A local KML file's location was not being applied in some cases. I would hold off on moving from 3.6 if you can. Fixed. If the image has been uploaded to Flickr/Zenfolio/SmugMug/Facebook/PicasaWeb with one of my plugins, the url of the image is included in the placemark. 35c395ab90

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